COVID-19 Immersive Online Training

What Does This Training Offer?


This course teaches you to prepare and respond for COVID-19. It assists and educates professional cleaning technicians to safely clean and disinfect different work environments.

  • Applicants or candidates will learn a brief history of infectious diseases and how this history can be applied to COVID-19.
  • Emphasizes the importance of essential residential and commercial cleaning.
  • Guides in creating a response protocol for any scenario (job).
  • Provides a step by step tutorial in the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Recommendations on how to identify appropriate disinfectants for the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19).
  • Important key terms to know in the cleaning industry.
  • Post-course Assessment to test your knowledge on the information acquired.

A Professional Certificate of Completion will be provided by Amy’s Angels Cleaning, Inc.

24/7 online access to the course and unlimited tries for the post-course assessment.

This Course is designed for :

  • Companies wanting to enhance and prepare their janitorial services.
  • Office day/night porters wanting to stay safe and knowledgeable about COVID-19. 
  • Cleaning individuals that want to return to their work place with the corrosible increase of confidence.  

What do I get?

Virtual Online Course

The virtual Online Course is the perfect guide. Now more than ever, having reliable sources of information for the emerging disease COVID-19 will increase your confidence and enhance your professionalism of cleaning and disinfection services to any client you serve.

Contracts & Documents

These Contracts & Documents Templates will help your company identify potential risks. They will instill precautionary measures to protect you, your team, and your clients!


Certification of Completion

This certificate will help brand your employees to strengthen their skills and build knowledge. It will ensure that they have the proper protocol and took the necessary training on how to clean during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Nour El Houda

CEO of Extranet Pro Cleaning

"I am glad I decided to take a course with Amy's Angels' team to teach us how to deal with the pandemic. I learned a lot from Amy and her team, especially in how to prevent the virus and take care of the cleanliness of the place and the body to avoid any threat that might be from the virus...."

Hafida Elbaz

CEO of Casa Pro Cleaning Services

"...I am so glad that I decided to take the course with Amy’s Angels, I learned a lot from Amy and her team about how to deal with this pandemic virus. Especially on how to protect ourselves and prevent the spread of the virus, and how can we complete our tasks as cleaners..."

Ikram Moutawakil

CEO of All-Star Cleaning Services

"...This course has helped me strengthen my knowledge on the safety measure that I and my cleaners should take to keep us safe. Amy and her team are just Amazing. They made this training so smoothly that my team and I had so much fun..."

Yesica Moreno

CEO of M&P Cleaning Services

"...Completing Amy's Angels COVID-19 training was one of the best things we have done at M&P Cleaning Services. The training was short, informative, and right to the point. I highly recommend you take this course as it will be very beneficial for your cleaning company..."

COVID-19 Package


Best Option

  • Virtual Online Course
  • Contracts & Documents
  • Certification of Completion